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The game is on

By on January 19, 2017   Dear Colleagues,

You get the newsletter a bit earlier than usual this week, not because Trump is about to be inaugurated and I (with many others) already want to go hiding deep down in a cave, but because I’m heading for Geneva later today. So you’ll have to check The Lancet yourself tomorrow (and perhaps have a look at other global health news coming from Davos not yet covered in this newsletter). This week’s intro was written by Dena Javadi (EV 2014). Hope you all respond positively to her call!


“January’s more than halfway over and most of us are getting pulled back into the current of “busy.” In part, busy wishing that this TV listing of tomorrow’s inauguration ceremony wasn’t satirical.

This week has been at odds with itself. It started with a day celebrating Martin Luther King Jr., a warrior for racial justice, economic equity, and peace. It ends with a day that hands the keys to the castle to a man whose every action, comment (and tweet) goes against these same principles.  Presumably due to the past year’s events, even more of the media’s coverage of Martin Luther King day moved beyond his reveries. A grittier, more conflicted portrait was painted, making the case for imperfect dreamers who aren’t afraid to colour outside the lines, to echo inconvenient truths.

Speaking of inconvenient truths, the World Economic Forum (held this week in Davos) released its 2017 Global Risks Report citing “economic inequality, societal polarization, and intensifying environmental dangers” as top “contributors” to global development over the next decade, threatening peace, wealth and health. Nothing new, but given that “democracies” are shifting towards the political equivalent of hands over ears, eyes wide shut, twitter tongue stuck out on all these risks, we need the dreamers (which I suspect includes whoever is reading this) to step up and step out. An opportunity to do so is coming up this weekend with the Women’s March on Washington (or Women’s March for Dignity) on Jan 21st (all genders welcome). The platform goes beyond women’s rights and takes an intersectional approach that includes civil rights, justice in the criminal system, worker’s rights, LGBTQIA rights, rights of people living with disabilities, immigration reform, and environmental protection. The governing principle states that “Gender Justice is Racial Justice is Economic Justice.” As of now, in addition to the march in DC, 615 sister marches have been planned globally. You can check here to find the one near you!

This week’s featured article (by EV 2016 Manoj Kumar) speaks to the Emerging Voices’ capacity to be researcher-activists and dreamers, reflecting on the Vancouver symposium and looking forward to the challenges of the next few years. “


Enjoy your reading.

The editorial team



(pdf version of the newsletter: IHPn402 )

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