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UHC 2030 Fest in Geneva

By on June 24, 2016   Dear colleagues,

While I was trying to spot robust and resilient national football teams at Euro 2016 (and no, the Belgian team is not yet one of them!), IHP+ held its 7th steering committee meeting in Geneva, on June 21st. A 2-day UHC 2030 Multi-stakeholder Consultation Meeting followed the SC meeting.

Plenty of stakeholders were indeed there; some other significant global health stakeholders had their ‘scouts’ (or as they like to be called, ‘representatives’) present at the event to find out just how ‘robust & resilient’ this new  Partnership/Alliance to Strengthen Health Systems could become in the future. Will UHC2030 (or rather, as it seems to be called now, ‘International Health Partnership for UHC 2030’ (‘IHP for UHC2030’)) be “fit for SDG 3”? Will Tim “If I’m not resilient, then who is?” Evans, the (classy and somewhat robust) Agnes Soucat, Simon Wright and other key proponents of this new platform lead UHC2030 to a bright future and the world to UHC, as well as robust and resilient health systems? We sure hope so. As Agnes Soucat said on Day 1 of the consultation, this is the ‘First day of the rest of our lives’.

As a start to a brave new UHC era, the ‘cocktail seminar’  on the 22nd , themed  “What is next? G7 Ise-Shima Vision for Global Health”  and hosted by Japan,  must have been a whole lot of fun in Hotel Intercontinental. From what we heard (or rather imagined), the debate was robust, the speakers responsive and the cocktail dresses resilient. Still, a perfectly hosted cocktail seminar can only be a start. You might recall some (cheesy & less cheesy) UHC songs from the recent past, but I think the UHC movement needs a real ‘anthem’ that we can all be proud of. I sure would enjoy Julio Frenk singing a UHC song like the Italian football players take on the nation’s anthem- wholeheartedly (or in some cases, borderline psychopathically).

For a global UHC movement to really kick off, it will also need a ‘sign’, a bit like Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games, to fire up the crowds, and overcome all opposition to UHC from the Trumps and Johnsons of this world.

With a bit of imagination, you could even consider for every key UHC proponent/face a special ‘move’, like football players display when they score a stunning goal.  Think Christiano Ronaldo when he celebrates one of his many goals. Rob Yates would be our favourite for the CR7 move, whenever he hammers a UHC message home (which happens quite often, as you know) but Rob should be careful not to tear his knee ligaments while doing so, or he might  need right away his (PUBLIC!) health insurance. Agnes Soucat, Maryam Bigdeli and many others should also have their ‘signature moves’ on UHC stages around the world, to fend off stiff global health competition from the likes of Gates, GF and other GAVI’s.

In this week’s IHP Featured article, Remco van de Pas comes back on a Dialogue on international health workforce mobility in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Enjoy your reading.

The editorial team




(you find the pdf version of the newsletter here: IHP373 )

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