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Kabir Sheikh – candidate for HS Global Board elections

By Kabir Sheikh
on September 11, 2014

My ElectionStatement


I am contesting because:

I would like to continue and extend my contributions to HSR capacity-building and field-building efforts globally, and help align global discussions on health systems more strongly to focus on equity and people-centredness. There’s a special place for the HSR community in bringing about improvements in health systems worldwide, and I believe HSG can catalyse this.


If elected:

I will work hard to support stronger connections and interactions between HSR researchers in different global contexts, and make us feel like a community.  I will work to encourage south-south interactions, as well as support south-north engagements for HSR capacity and field-building, through the HSG platform.  Consolidating the gains made by Thematic Groups is crucial in this stage of HSG’s lifespan.


Why me?

I have the energy and vision (and time) of a younger researcher!  I also have experience – of bringing together HSR researchers through the SHaPeS TWG, helping organize the Cape Town Symposium, and building the research field through key publications, including editing the upcoming Health Policy and Planning supplement on People-Centred Health Systems.  I lead a vibrant group of researchers networked across six continents, and nurture HSR capacity through my leadership to AHPSR’s Nodal Institute in India.

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