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Isidore Sieleunou – candidate for the HS Global Board elections

By Isidore Sieleunou
on September 10, 2014

Dear all,

As you know, Health Systems Global (HSG) is the first international membership organization fully dedicated to promoting health systems research and knowledge translation. It was founded at the 2nd Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Beijing (2012). I believe many of you will be in Cape Town for the third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research which will be held from 30 September to 3 October 2014, with pre-Symposium satellite sessions on 29 and 30 September.

In the run-up to this symposium, the Health Systems Global Board Election just started. You will see that I am one of the candidates (and honored to be among them, in case you wonder!).

Before this year’s symposium, 5 non-regional new board members will be elected. Registering for the conference gives you the right to vote for this election. Deadline is 16 September (for the vote, I mean).



Let me briefly introduce myself, as some of you already know me, but many don’t.

As a Medical Doctor working in Public Health and Health Economics, my 10+ years’ experience covers all levels of the health sector (peripheral-level management, national policy, collaboration in international research and global advocacy). I am a former Emerging Voice, currently a PhD student at the School of Public Health, University of Montréal, and co-facilitator of the financial access to health services community of practice (CoP), one of the CoPs supported by Harmonization for Health in Africa.

I believe it is important to have our voice included in the HSG’s governing body. This is why I need your vote (or at least one of your votes) to be able to represent our group.

In recent years, we have championed innovative knowledge-brokering approaches to reduce the “know-do-gap”, organised workshops and conferences, and advocated for transnational research and implementation projects. All of these are issues that the society also focuses on, and to which I feel we can make a strong contribution.

My vision is one of a more engaged HSG society base, better placed to collectively make sense of and influence the rapidly changing world of health systems. Let’s work together to secure our presence inside the board in order to enthusiastically advocate for and protect the positions and ideals we hold dear.


Thanks in advance for your vote!


(and just in case you need one more reason: I am bilingual (the Board can use some more Francophone voices, I feel …)


Isidore Sieleunou



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