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Election EV governance committee – regional candidates

By The editorial team
on March 9, 2015

Below you find an overview of the EV nominees  (nominations and/or self-nominations) for the EV Governance Committee, by WHO region. The African region is split up in West/Central African region and  East/South African region, as indicated in the poll last week.

In 4 regions, an election will be held: Western Pacific, Region of the Americas; South-East Asian region and the East/Southern African region. In 2 regions (European region, Easter Mediterranean region), there were only two EV alumni. They agreed on their representative – so there are no elections needed there. Finally, there will be no elections also in the West/Central African region – as there’s only one uncontested candidate there.


European region

Vladimir Gordeev  (EV 2014)  (no election)



Why you are nominating this person?

“Vladimir is a suitable representative from EV2014 cohort and will serve as a good governing committee member representing the European region, given his background and previous work experience. I think he has the capacity to make a meaningful contribution towards the  network’s governance and contribute towards achieving consensus among the EV4GH network.”

Short biography of Nominee

Vladimir is a health economist  with a background in medicine, public health, and financial management. He obtained his PhD in health economics from Maastricht University and currently works at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London as a research fellow.



Eastern Mediterranean region

Asmat Malik (EV 2010)  (no election)



“I am actively participating in the EV Venture since 2010; therefore, I have a thorough understanding of its philosophy and objectives. Further, recently, I have been selected as an International Consultant for developing Comprehensive Multi-Year Plans for Immunization System in the EMRO region. This new role provides me with the opportunity to bring together the EVs from this region and represent them in particular and the EV program in general, on regional and global forums.

Short biography of Nominee

Asmat Malik, a medical doctor and systems analyst by training with a PhD in Health Policy and Systems from the University of Queensland, has been working over 18-years in health systems in South Asia. Dr. Malik has a rich experience of fostering collaboration across ministries, development partners and civil society organizations in developing multi-year strategic plans and health system strengthening strategies.


Western Pacific region  (election)


  1. Erlyn Macarayan (EV 2014)



Why you are nominating this person?

“Erlyn is passionate on global health matters and is very active not only within Australia but also internationally. She can highly contribute, particularly in establishing networking and training events, as well as in the preparations for the 2016 conference given her knowledge and experience on this area. “

Short biography of Nominee

Erlyn, EV2014, is a PhD candidate at University of Queensland, Australia focusing on strengthening health systems in developing countries. She has an experience in a similar governance committee having held postgraduate representative positions in other related international student and research organizations.



  1. Xu Jin (EV 2012)


Jin Xu

Why you are nominating this person?

Jin has a record of active participation in both organization and facilitation of EV programme. With his continued dedication, there has been an active and growing participation of Chinese in the EV programme as well as ever increasing impact of Chinese EVs. He also expressed willingness to promote regional/BRICS collaboration.


Short biography of Nominee

Jin Xu is a PhD Candidate on health system research at LSHTM and associated with Peking University(PKU), China. Jin served on the local organizing team which successfully cohosted EV 2012, and participated as a facilitator and representative from PKU, which funded 10 Chinese (up from 8 in 2012) in 2014.





Region of the Americas  (election)


  1. Elena Vargas (EV 2014)


Why you are nominating this person?

Elena is a young public health professional who is willing to commit her time and efforts to engage young researchers in the Americas with global health. She is highly enthusiastic and has outstanding communication skills in English, Spanish (her mother tongue) and French. There is a special interest in increasing the involvement of participants in the global health and development debate from Latin America and the Caribbean, which has been a sub-region with low participation in the past EV ventures. She counts onn the support and networks of the people who are nominating her.


Short biography of Nominee

2011-Present: Physician and In-Country Medical Supervisor at ‘VIDA volunteer’, an NGO working in underserved communities in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

2013-2014: Obtained MPH degree at ITM, Antwerp Belgium.

2009-2014 Involved in research projects:

Enhancing Qualitative Reproductive Health Care Delivery in Primary Health Services in Transition

 Community-Embedded Reproductive Healthcare for Adolescents in Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua

 Introducing provider-patient communication as a new topic for training and research at health institutes in Bolivia and Ecuador



  1. Francisco Oviedo (EV 2012)



Why you are nominating this person?

“I was part of the EV Venture on 2012 as participant, and in 2014 as a facilitator. In 2012 I also had the chance to get to know people who had participated in  2010’s venture; therefore I think the best feature I can bring to the Committee is that I know the people of the 3 cohorts in which my region has had representation; I believe this will become very useful in creating an integrated working network of colleagues to promote more participation from our region on the program, especially since the next HSR Symposium will be held in our region.”

I also have known the program from the two angles: as a participant and as a facilitator. I do believe this gives some valuable insights that could be useful to improve and strengthen the program in future editions.”


Short biography of Nominee

“I am from Costa Rica, I am a medical doctor and have a Master ‘s Degree in Public Health and Specialty on International Health. I work for the Ministry of Health here in Costa Rica as a coordinator of evaluation programs of the Health System. I am also a university teacher on a Health Services Management Master Program, where I am in charge of a “Research Methodology” course and I have also tutored some theses.

In the past I have worked in projects at an international level with organizations such as the WHO and the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA).

I am a very outgoing person, I like to travel, make new friends and learn about different cultures. I love studying languages, my mother tongue is Spanish, I am fluent in English, have a good level of French and I have studied some German, Portuguese and Greek. “


South-East Asian region  (election)

  1. Shishir Dahal (EV 2010)


Why you are nominating this person?

Because of his  enthusiasm, experience and commitment.  Dr Shishir is very dynamic, full of innovative ideas, and has the leadership skills to fulfill the purpose of EV initiative. Moreover he is centrally located in the capital city of Nepal, a country that has excellent relations with other countries of the region and worldwide.


Short biography of Nominee

Consultant Radiologist, National Acadamy of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Health and population.







  1. Omesh Bharti (EV 2010)


Why you are nominating this person?

“I think this initiative shaped my presence in international for a and my papers were published in many journals since I joined this forum. I want to help other friends in shaping their writing and thinking skills.”


Short biography of Nominee: Name : Dr. Omesh Kumar, Address: Set-9, Block-1, U.S. Club, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh-171001, India

Date of birth: May 10, 1967. Sex: Male Nationality: Indian

Marital Status: Married Job profile: Regular employee of Government of Himachal. Blog :

Qualifications: MBBS, DHM, MAE( Epidemiology)

Papers- Have 11 publications on issues of Rabies vaccination, Solid Waste Management, Outbreak Investigation, People Living with HIV/AIDS, Non-Polio Viruses and Tobacco Ban etc.


  1. NS Prashanth (EV 2010)


Why you are nominating this person?

“Prashanth has been involved with the EV venture since the beginning. He’s been an integral part of the last few EV initiatives as well as a facilitator and alumnus. In addition he’s familiar and in close contact with ITM, as well as with fellow EVs in South Asia. I would like to nominate him because of his experience, his commitment towards the EV venture and the fact that he is well known to most EVs as well.”

He is the best I feel. As an EV of the first batch, has utilized the most and developed skills, networks of the EV experience.  His advocacy & support to fellow EVs and broad work experience in the HSR makes him the nominee I feel.”


Short biography of Nominee

He is a medical doctor trained in public health and has worked at the level of primary health care for a few years. He is currently working on work on health systems research in India and doing his PhD on strategies to improve management capacities at the district level in India. Faculty at Institute of Public Health, Bangalore. Working on Health systems strengthening interventions.



African region 


West/Central African region (no election)


  1. Arsène Kpangon (EV 2013)

Arsene Kpangon

Why you are nominating this person?

“Arsene Kpangon is still very present in the activities of overall health, evidenced by his multiple interventions in several discussions on the forum of EVs, publications in the newsletter of international health policies, and his online mobilization against Ebola. “

I wish to be nominated among the EV governance committee to contribute to solving of African Global Health issues. My ability to speak French and English gives me the possibility to work everywhere in Africa and tackle big health issues such as emerging infectious diseases, maternal health problems, non-communicable diseases.”

I would like to nominate Arsene KPANGON for EV’s representative position in Africa. I therefore support his nomination and he knows that I vote for him. He can better represent our country by doing best actions toward populations.”


Short biography of Nominee

Arsene Kpagon is an EV 2013, and is a doctor  working in public health, with big interest in clinical research.  After working in Benin Republic during 6 years as clinical and public health practitioner focused on HIV and comorbidities, maternal health and chronic respiratory diseases in collaboration with the American Thoracic Society and London Imperial College, I’m based now in Dakar where I’m achieving my residency in infectious and tropical diseases.   Doctor, epidemiologist, EV 2013; Defend epidemic diseases in our country and everywhere in Africa;  Article: risk factors of TB treatment failure in Benin


East/South African region  (election)


1. Dorcus Henriksson (EV 2014)


Why you are nominating this person?

“She understands Global health systems and policy having worked to improve health care at a rural district and also with various organizations including WHO. She has a strong passion and would like to see communities take center stage in improving their own health – a need for Africa.”

“She has local knowledge of Uganda’s health system, and international exposure to other health systems in Africa and Europe, including HIV/AIDS, having worked as a medical doctor and researcher. She is sociable, works well with others and is interested in developing south-south and north-south collaborations between young people.”

“Dorcus Kiwanuka Henrikson is easy to talk to, has good interpersonal skills, and relevant experience in leadership and governance at district, national and global level. Early in her career, she worked as the district health officer in Eastern Uganda, later as a technical adviser to Uganda Ministry of Health before moving to the bilateral section of the Swedish Embassy in Lusaka, Zambia. She has skills and experience working in a multicultural environment (Swedish embassy, Lusaka; Karolinska institute), working in a team and therefore can bring together young researchers (North to South and south to south collaboration) and she is currently working at a leading research institution which would add value to the goal of EVs venture of providing training for young researchers and having their voices heard in scientific conference. “



Short biography of Nominee :


Dorcus Kiwanuka Henriksson (MD, MPH) is a researcher and PhD student affiliated with Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University in Sweden and involved in health systems research in sub-Saharan Africa.

Originally from Uganda, she started her career as a medical officer in rural Uganda and later specialized in Public Health. She then moved on to work as the head of the district health services. She has worked within HIV care and training, and with various organizations, such as WHO and John Snow, Inc. She has experience working in multicultural organizations from her time with the Swedish Embassy in Lusaka, Zambia.

Her research interests include finding ways of improving health systems at the district level through building the capacity of district managers in decision-making, and empowering the community to demand for services and hold providers accountable for the delivery of health services. She enjoys meeting new people and creating new networks.

As a researcher with previous experience in leadership, governance, teamwork and working in a multicultural environment, she can make a meaningful contribution to the Emerging Voices Network. She is dedicated to being available in the next two years to work towards institutionalizing the Emerging Voices Network and creating opportunities for collaborations and networking for young researchers among themselves and at the global level. Her ultimate goal is to have the voices of young health systems researchers heard at the global level.


2. Anne Muendi (EV 2014)


Why you are nominating this person?

“Anne is an energetic, passionate and pro-active young girl as demonstrated in the speech she made during the closing plenary session for the Global Health symposium 2014. Although we interacted during a short period, I could see that she was so enthusiastic about her work and the health systems as a whole and these are some of the qualities we require in a representative, hence she fits well.”


Anne Muendi is director, Malaria and Child Health, Population Services, Kenya. She represented the EVs at the final plenary in Cape Town 2014.


3. Shakira Choonara (EV 2014)


Why you are nominating this person?

“Being part of the emerging voices venture (2014), was a life changing experience, whereby I was granted the opportunity to interact with other esteemed young leaders in the field and was fortunate to have received an invaluable learning experience. It is certainly an initiative I believe in and I’m passionate about, and I would certainly be privileged to assist with taking this excellent initiative forward.”


Short biography of Nominee

– PhD Research Fellow, Centre for Health Policy, South Africa (2014-present)

-Qualifications; MA Demography & Population Studies, BA Hons Demography & Population Studies (with distinction), BSHC

-Research Experience;

  1. Research Assistant Resilient and Responsive Health System Project (RESYST)
  2. Hewlett Foundation Fellow, Demography
  3. Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Health Sciences


4. Solomon Huruva (EV 2014)


Why you are nominating this person?

Self-motivated with a very keen interest in developing future generations


Short biography of Nominee

EV 2014, participant, & EV photographer for 2012 & 2014;

Practicing public health specialist in Zimbabwe.





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