IHP news 503: Miscellaneous

By on January 4, 2019

Science (In-depth report) – The world debates open-access mandates


“Spurred by European funders behind Plan S, many countries consider similar moves.”

International Health – Household water sharing: a missing link in international health

J Stoler et al; https://academic.oup.com/inthealth/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1093/inthealth/ihy094/5253751?redirectedFrom=fulltext

Water insecurity massively undermines health, especially among impoverished and marginalized communities. Emerging evidence shows that household-to-household water sharing is a widespread coping strategy in vulnerable communities. Sharing can buffer households from the deleterious health effects that typically accompany seasonal shortages, interruptions of water services and natural disasters. Conversely, sharing may also increase exposure to pathogens and become burdensome and distressing in times of heightened need. These water sharing systems have been almost invisible within global health research but need to be explored, because they can both support and undermine global public health interventions, planning and policy.”

Guardian – Save the Children UK chairman resigns after staff complaints


The chairman of Save the Children UK has resigned after complaints by staff that he was not doing enough to address allegations of sexual harassment. The charity said Peter Bennett-Jones was standing down following objections to remarks he made during recent discussions with staff about the organisation’s future….”

AP – Ivanka Trump plans global women’s economic development push


Ivanka Trump is set to launch a White House effort aimed at women’s global economic empowerment in early 2019. A formal launch for the initiative was planned for next week but has been postponed amid uncertainty about the government shutdown, the White House said Monday….”

“…The initiative, which is backed by the State Department and the National Security Council, seeks to align government agencies behind the mission of supporting women’s economic development around the world. It will also include private-sector investment…”

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