Articles by Nimali Widanapathirana

EV 2016 & Medical Officer (Registrar in Community Medicine), Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, Sri Lanka

Leave no ‘migrants’ behind: towards a global agenda for migrant inclusive health systems

Posted in articles by and on March 3, 2017

People are on the move more than ever before: while some migrate in search of greener pastures, many others are forcibly displaced, fleeing conflicts or escaping persecution. This has significant implications for the health sector in countries of origin, transit and destination. Existing health systems struggle to adapt, especially in … Read more »

888 voices for social inclusion: reflections from PMAC 2017

Posted in articles by on February 17, 2017

  “Am I audible? Am I visible?” Abheena Aher (National Programme Manager, Global Action for Trans Equality, India) asked the audience at the recent Prince Mahidol Award Conference   in Bangkok, equating the invisibility of those excluded from society to transparent glasses through which people see without acknowledging the individual or … Read more »

Gender and Men’s Health: Changing the Discourse

Posted in articles by , , , , and on October 19, 2016

As health systems researchers and policymakers we need to remember that the word “gender” is not synonymous with “woman.” Gender analysis is about exploring how gendered power relations (eg. norms, roles, access to resources, decision-making) affect differences in health system experiences, access, and outcomes for men, women, and people of … Read more »