IHP news 525: Access to medicines

By on June 7, 2019

FT – Pharma groups combine to promote drug discovery with AI


(gated) “ Blockchain system allows companies to share data without revealing commercial secrets”.

Guardian – Fight the fakes: how to beat the $200bn medicine counterfeiters


Armed with blockchain and AI, health workers and campaigners are battling the bogus business that kills thousands, says Helen Lock.”

Some quick links:

News from the UK: “Parents of children with cystic fibrosis who are desperate to use a drug that the NHS cannot afford are forming a buyers club to obtain a cut-price version made in Argentina where the patent does not apply….

A team of researchers inside Pfizer made a startling find in 2015: The company’s blockbuster rheumatoid arthritis therapy Enbrel, a powerful anti-inflammatory drug, appeared to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 64 percent. The results were from an analysis of hundreds of thousands of insurance claims. Verifying that the drug would actually have that effect in people would require a costly clinical trial — and after several years of internal discussion, Pfizer opted against further investigation and chose not to make the data public, the company confirmed….”

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