IHP news 517: NCDs

By on April 12, 2019

Corporate interests within transnational advocacy networks: The International Coalition Against Plain Packaging


Smith & Lee present a case study of the International Coalition Against Plain Packaging, which is conceptualized as a transnational advocacy network, and documents its links to the tobacco industry. They found that tobacco companies not only provide network members, financial resources but also involved in producing the information used by the network to debate the benefits of plain packaging.

Using Policy Levers to Reduce Sugary Drink Consumption


“The global health organisation Vital Strategies has become a leading actor in the worldwide battle against obesity, which affects 2 billion people globally. Building on its tradition of working to cut tobacco consumption and traffic injuries, the organisation tackled sugary drink consumption as a flagship issue for policy change. …”  “…Health Policy Watch recently spoke with Sandra Mullin, Senior Vice President of Vital Strategies for Policy, Advocacy and Communications, about Vital Strategies’ worldwide outreach on sugary drinks marketing and consumption….”

Task Force on Fiscal Policy for Health


“In April 2019, the Task Force on Fiscal Policy for Health released the “Health Taxes to Save Lives” report, calling on all countries to significantly raise their excise taxes on tobacco, alcohol and sugary beverages. An analysis conducted for the Task Force estimated that over 50 million premature deaths could be prevented if countries implemented excise tax increases large enough to raise product prices of tobacco, alcohol and sugary beverages by 50 percent over the next 50 years. The Task Force-commissioned analysis found that the impact of these taxes, projected to yield over US$20 trillion in revenue, would be highest in low- and middle-income countries, where consumption and associated healthcare costs and productivity losses are growing.”

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