IHP news #516 (April 5, 2019)

Mobilizing towards the UN High-Level Meeting on UHC

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Dear Colleagues,

In this week’s issue we’ll pay quite some attention to Monday’s forum of the ‘Friends of Universal Health Coverage and Global Health’ in New York,  which included  “6 Key Asks” from the UHC Movement for the UN High-Level meeting on UHC in September.  Mobilization for this UN HL Meeting (23 Sept) is in full swing now, and without much doubt, this weekend’s World Health Day   (dedicated to UHC), the upcoming WHO Partners Forum ( 9-10 April, Stockholm),  annual IMF/WB Spring Meetings ( which include the Fourth Annual Health Financing Forum (9-10 April)),  the multistakeholder hearing on 29 April in New York and of course the next World Health Assembly will only boost this momentum further. Whether all this effort will eventually lead to a new “UHC era of ‘fortunate harmony’” across the globe, that’s another issue. With “most SDGs going into reverse”, according to a well-placed expert, the global future looks shaky. Still, there’s always a silver lining. The UK might already want to clone John “O-o-o-r-der!!!” Bercow and export him to wherever they’ll need him in the years to come. Could be a fine UK export product for decades.

A UN Security Council meeting (1 April) on humanitarian attacks, with UN SC members confronted once again with (very dire) annual figures, produced by the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition, was another ‘highlight’ of the week. They brought a rather sad (and revolting) message, certainly against the backdrop of World Health Workers Week  (1-7 April).

This newsletter also features the usual updates on key global health actors (like GAVI, UNAIDS, WB, …), and a new campaign champions a ‘neglected approach to averting climate chaos while defending the living world’, i.e. natural climate solutions  – a rare spark of hope amidst all the usual planetary health ‘doom & gloom’. World Autism Awareness Day was celebrated, the Ebola DRC outbreak is spreading faster than ever, 8 months after it was first detected, …     ; and we also feature a number of important reports and publications ( among others, on WASH in health care facilities  & a Lancet study on “suboptimal diets” (raise your hand or, as in my case, wiggle your belly, if you’re guilty 😊).

Anyway,  do read the whole newsletter if you want to know more !

Enjoy your reading.

Kristof Decoster



(you find the pdf of the full newsletter here: IHPn516 )

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