IHP news #480 (July 27, 2018)

Heatwaves, meltdowns and the passing on of metaphoric batons

By on July 27, 2018

Clara is a researcher at the Health Systems and Equity Unit, ITM.


Dear Colleagues,

You will notice that the newsletter is much lighter and shorter than usual. This is because we know that for many of you, the end of the academic year normally ushers in a quiet couple of months, and with that comes a switching of gears and embracing of a slower pace of life.

Kristof, our editor-in-chief, has decided that he wants some of that relaxing lifestyle too, and he is currently on holiday somewhere in the sun (although to be fair, these days, everywhere is “somewhere in the sun”). In order to keep IHP ticking and ensure that you lovely people get a weekly roundup of global health events and happenings, I have been promoted temporarily from co-editor to chief editor for a few weeks.

After working in the background for a few months, it is exciting to be a “front of house staff” and I feel like a kid that has been given a whole new responsibility by her designated adult. I am definitely planning to take on the role with gusto! However, since the heatwave in Europe has made doing even the most ordinary things a gargantuan task, I know it may be difficult sometimes. Still I hope I am able to “maintain my cool” in the face of such extreme conditions, do a great job and fill Kristof’s very big boots. I will certainly do my hardest to please, over the next couple of weeks.

On that note, welcome to the summer edition of the newsletter!

Enjoy your reading.

Clara Affun-Adegbulu


(you find the pdf of the full newsletter here: IHPn480)

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