IHP news #481 (August 3, 2018)

A wine a day keeps the (dementia) doctor away!

By on August 3, 2018

Clara is a researcher at the Health Systems and Equity Unit, ITM.



Dear Colleagues,

We seem to have had a deluge of good news this week, although of course there is some bad too, to keep the balance I guess.

Spain went against the populist anti-immigrant tide that is currently sweeping across the world, by restoring healthcare to undocumented migrants. Somalia prosecuted its first FGM case, offering protection to women and girls, and sending a clear message that perpetrators will no longer be able to act with impunity or without the fear of reprisals. And, we were informed that drinking (in moderation, of course), offers some protection against dementia. It is gratifying to know that with just one glass of wine a day, I could be protecting myself from cancer and dementia, and improving my mental health, effectively killing multiple NCD birds with one stone!

My fellow Brits do not need this though, as according to the Office for National Statistics, they are taking fewer sick days than even 25years ago. One might think it is because they are all in rude health, however others, cynics like me, for instance, might blame it on zero hour contracts or the fear of losing one’s job in such uncertain “Brexit-ed” economic times.

On to less welcome news. Ebola is back in the DRC, only days after the last outbreak was declared over. Let’s hope the response will be as effective as it was earlier this year, so that the disease can be stopped in its tracks before it does too much damage.

And finally, because I would like to end on a positive note, it is World Breastfeeding week. This year’s theme is “Breastfeeding: Foundation for Life”, in recognition of the importance of breastfeeding to babies’ futures. Breastfeeding can play an important role in helping to win the global NCD war that we are currently losing, so I am hoping the whole world, including reticent Americans, will rally round efforts to promote it. After all everyone likes babies!

Enjoy your reading.

Clara Affun-Adegbulu

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