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2023 IHP Correspondents

The 2023 call for IHP Correspondents was released as part of the IHP Network initiative to provide an opportunity to young researchers and other change agents from different regions and continents to contribute to the global health policy & HPSR discourse and participate in setting the agenda, by sharing their ideas and opinions in the form of blogs and featured articles. There are 12 correspondents in total this year.

Alison Mhazo

Alison Mhazo is a health policy and systems researcher from Zimbabwe currently based in Malawi. He is a Joint Japan/World Bank Scholar and an alumni of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and London School of Economics who is inspired by Virchow's assertion that "medicine is a social science and politics nothing but medicine on a grand scale". He applies political economy and social sciences frameworks to analyze health policies in low and middle-income countries with a focus on Africa. Twitter handle: @tichmhazo

Chiamaka P. Ojiako

Chiamaka P. Ojiako is a lawyer and health policy professional with diverse work experience in the public, nonprofit and international development sectors. She has an MPA in Health Policy and Management from New York University. Her work is at the intersection of law, research, policy analysis and advocacy, with a focus on addressing health system governance gaps and fostering health equity. Twitter handle: @FavouredAmaka

Chuan De

Chuan De is a public health professional based at the Leadership Institute for Global Health Transformation (LIGHT) in Singapore. He is also an associate editor at the Journal of Migration and Health and the Western Pacific regional leader for the International Working Group for Health Systems Strengthening. His areas of expertise lie in primary healthcare, health financing for universal health, integrative health delivery models, health equity and pandemic preparedness. Twitter handle: @chuande99.

Ikenna Ebiri Okoro

Ikenna Ebiri Okoro works for the Abia State Health Insurance Agency, Nigeria. He facilitates the programmatic implementation of major government policies aimed at improving Universal Health Coverage (UHC), through strengthening health insurance and primary health care systems in Nigeria. Ikenna is passionate about promoting health rights and access to health for everyone, especially for the disabled, poor, and key populations. Twitter handle: @IkennaEbiri

Ismael Kawooya

Ismael Kawooya works with the Centre for Rapid Evidence synthesis in Uganda, where he coordinates the implementation of several evidence-informed decision-making mechanisms to improve access to evidence in a timely manner. Specifically, his work contextualizes and evaluates different methods in a low-income setting.

Kieran Bligh

Kieran Bligh is a Humanitarian Supply Chain professional who has led high-impact humanitarian response programs at WHO, WFP, and USAID. Since transitioning from a career as a chef leading award-winning restaurants, where he accidentally discovered his passion for supply chain, he has gone on to implement & strengthen large-scale global health and food security operations. Kieran is currently studying his MpH at the New York University School of Global Health.

Lila Sax dos Santos Gomes

Lila Sax dos Santos Gomes (MSc, Gender Specialist) is the Director of Yarrow Global Consulting gGmbH, Karlsruhe with a focus on community articulation in health policy development. Twitter handle @yarrowglobal

Nourhan Nomier

Nourhan Nomier is a clinical pharmacist passionate about public health. To fulfil her passion for Public Health, she’s currently studying for her MSc in Public Health In the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She’s the Co-founder and Co-national lead of the Women in Global Health Egypt Chapter. Her research interests involve women’s health, mental health and patient access.

Reem Elsayed

Reem Elsayed works for the Egypt Healthcare Authority (UHC). She’s an Egyptian public health specialist and researcher who is passionate about reforming health systems, health policy research, SDGs, and public health from a gender perspective.Reem can be found on  Linkedin.

Siya Aggrey

Siya Aggrey is a Ugandan scholar whose research interests fall at the interface of conservation biology, Eco/One Health, and human ecology. As a consequence, his work is highly interdisciplinary and involves collaboration with a wide array of colleagues from pathologists to economists. He has consulted and worked with different organizations including: Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Family Health International (FHI360), Care Uganda among others. Siya has a strong commitment to using science to influence both policy and public health action.

Taofeekat Adigun

Taofeekat Adigun works at the Ministry of Health, Oyo state, Nigeria. She’s a public health and development specialist working at the intersection of policy, planning, advocacy, and research focusing on population health, NCDs, gender, and sexual and reproductive health rights.

Yasmin Mitwally

Yasmin Mitwally is a public health professional with experience in research and medical communications, and has an MPH from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). She’s passionate about health systems research, advocating for policies that promote health equity and empowering communities through improved health literacy. Twitter handle: @YasminMitwally