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James Cook University, Australia

Social science researchers’ musings on power and health systems

Posted in articles by , , , and on December 14, 2018

Several recent prominent global health events – the Health Systems Research Symposium in Liverpool, and the Women Leaders in Global Health event in London among them – demonstrated interest in the role of power in health systems and in health systems research.  A group of interested researchers and practitioners affiliated … Read more »

Preparation! Emergency! Recovery! Is resilience silently reshaping our approach to health systems strengthening?

Posted in articles by on June 30, 2017

The Vancouver Health Systems Research Symposium (with its theme: Resilience and responsive health systems for a changing world) is long over – but resilience is everywhere, in academic, practitioner and policy literature (e.g. Kruk et al; Witter & Hunter; and statements by the WHO Director Generals immediately past, and newly … Read more »

“Lackeys or liberators” revisited: Community health workers and health system accountability

Posted in articles by , and on June 16, 2017

Earlier this week, a group of 30 researchers, program implementers, and activists met in Washington, DC, to develop a research agenda on “community health worker voice, power, and citizens’ right to health.” The meeting was convened by Columbia University’s Averting Maternal Death and Disability Program and American University’s Accountability Research … Read more »

Working with what we’ve got – an(other) reflection on human resources for health

Posted in articles by on February 12, 2016

As the Reachout consortium reminded us in a series of well tweeted-about presentations at Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) 10 days ago, community health workers (CHW) need to be a centerpiece of human resource for health (HRH) policies targeting health equity, effectiveness and efficiency via universal health coverage (UHC).  Their … Read more »

We must move beyond the ‘pay vs. no pay’ debate for community health workers

Posted in articles by on October 2, 2015

After several years of consultation, the SDG agenda was launched last week with much fanfare in New York.  Amongst the various health-related targets established by the forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target 3.c aims to: substantially increase health financing and the recruitment, development, training and retention of the health workforce … Read more »