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Sanam Monteiro

Intern at Minority Rights Group Msc Asian Politics, BA in International Relations


The Danger of Othering During Pandemics: Learning from the example of Singapore.

(A longer version of this piece was originally published in Ceasefire ) The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has stirred up debates that previous crises such as SARS or Ebola didn’t, probably because it reached Europe all the way to the Americas, with death tolls much higher than in China. It appears “The West needs to bleed” for audience...

‘Biking for all’ to boost ‘Health for all’ at G7 conferences

Brussels, 7:00. My alarm rings and I slowly doze off into self-imbued life contemplation before my phone’s News alert forces me to connect with the real world, this big blue room outside my small warm bedroom. I look at my screen, eyes half closed to accommodate to the contrast between the shimmery engine and the comfy twilight of a wintery mo...

Don’t be afraid of the “C” word, health researchers

“Class”- a word that (most) researchers are more than reluctant to employ. Don’t get me wrong, analysis of health inequalities based on income, poverty, socioeconomic gradients and so on abound. Sophisticated statistical tools are being used to show us the obvious – that health outcomes are poor for those with fewer resources, no matter ...

Be-Cause Health & MMI preaching to the converted?

Although #ECTMIH2017 was starting only at 5 pm with a grandiose musical opening ceremony in the all the more grandiose Elisabeth center, a few students and some more professors were already rushing to the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) building on Nationalestraat as the clock rang 1 pm on Monday. What were they all so excited about at a ti...