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Prashanth NS

Prashanth NS is chair of the EV governance team and IPH Bangalore staff member.


Emerging Voices for Global Health are all set for Vancouver!

It’s over a year now since the third global symposium on health systems research took place in Cape Town. At the symposium, the science and practice of people-centred health systems took center stage. Almost 2000 participants represented 125 countries in Cape Town, so it clearly was a global conference. The 2014 edition of the Emerging Voice...

Modi-fying India’s health: Health in the times of India’s new prime minister

These are interesting times in India, no doubt. Our new prime minister, Narendra Modi is ensuring that India’s global reputation as a progressive, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society with a rich history is not tarnished by several recent reports of sexual violence on women or inter-religious conflict. Immediately after assuming office abou...


    “Borders I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people”  (Thor Heyrdahl )   An ecologist friend of mine sent me a paper from the mid-80s titled What is conservation biology by Michale E Soulé that sought to build (rather define) the (then) emerging discipline of conservation biology. Soulé frame...

Building health policy and systems research capacity in India: the KEYSTONE approach

The last few decades have seen a proliferation of research in the domain of health policy and systems research (HPSR). Major technological advances in medicine and various healthcare innovations have little chances of succeeding if robust country, provincial and local health systems are lacking. HPSR brings together various disciplines to push f...