Articles by Jeroen De Man

Junior Researcher, University of Antwerp

The Good, The Bad and The Dirty

Posted in articles by and on April 12, 2019

Over the last few months, tens of thousands of secondary school children in several countries have been protesting for substantial (i.e. truly transformative) climate solutions. Some might call the youngsters movement ‘a good epidemic’, but certain politicians would not agree with that assessment, as in their opinion, “children need to … Read more »

“All we want for Christmas…”

Posted in articles by and on December 23, 2016

At the very time of writing this editorial, a few days before Christmas, Berlin, the capital of Germany, the land of Angela Merkel – about the only remaining top politician in Europe with a humanist view (Wir schaffen das!) on the challenge of hosting refugees from the war-ridden Middle-East – … Read more »