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Dr Shubha Nagesh

Shubha is a medical doctor by training and works with The Latika Roy Foundation, a non-profit that supports children with developmental disabilities in the Himalayan state of India. She strives to make Childhood Disability a global health priority. South-Asia correspondent for IHP.

Featured Articles


Is India’s New Education Policy sufficiently inclusive of people with disabilities?

“It is as impossible to withhold education from the receptive mind as it is impossible to force it upon the unreasoning”- Agnes Repplierg India’s New Education Policy (2020) has replaced its 1986 education policy, with the ambitious goal to transform India into a knowledge giant, while ensuring equity and inclusion. This article seeks to...

Disabling Corona!

2020 and the world has gone viral (pun intended)! Some are comparing the current situation to the 1918 flu epidemic that took more than 30 million lives. Only time will tell. With COVID-19 now becoming a pandemic, it seems we are all at risk, however there is one group of people who will face greater challenges and consequences, these are p...

Where there is a Wheel, there is a Way!

There are at least a billion people with disabilities worldwide and this number is rising with ageing and population growth, making them the largest minority group globally. Among them, the number of people using assistive technology for mobility is estimated to double by 2050. In India alone, at least 20% of the disabled are confronted with li...

Community Classrooms- lessons from Rwanda!

I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy- Ernest Hemingway   Rwanda- a gem in East Africa, is also called the Land of a Thousand hills. Rwanda’s experience is one of the best examples in history to show the power of hope in the face of despondence. Twenty five years after the genocide, Rwanda is a success story the ...