2019 IHP Correspondents

Debjani Barman, PhD
Assistant Professor, IIHMR University

Indian correspondent
Dr Sameh Al-Awlaqi, MBChB, MPH
Researcher in Governance of Health Systems in Transition,
School of Health and Related Research (ScHAAR), The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom and The Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland

Eastern Mediterranean region correspondent
Dr Sarita Panday
Postdoctoral Fellow, Developing Asia Health Policy
At The Walter H Shorenstein, Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford

South Asia correspondent
Dr. Sameeera Hussain
CIHR Health System Impact Fellow
University of Ottawa (School of Epidemiology and Public Health)
Canadian Society for International Health

Canadian correspondent
Elena Vargas, MD, MPH

Latin American correspondent
Kaaren Mathias
Project Director & Programme Manager-Mental Health, Emmanuel Hospital Association
Honorary Research Fellow- Nossal Institute of Global Health, University of Melbourne;
Centre for International Health, University of Otago

Asian correspondent
Meggie Mwoka
Research Officer-Policy, African Population Health Research Centre

Kenyan correspondent
Thea de Gruchy
Doctoral Researcher, The African Centre for Migration & Society
University of Witwatersrand

South African correspondent
Vanessa Offiong
Assistant Editor, Daily Trust Newspaper

Nigerian correspondent