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Willem van de Put

ITM health policy unit, co-founder Culture4Change

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Mental Health and Wellbeing – a Royal Salute to the voices from below

Blessed are those that get invited to High-Level summits, and even more so if they take place in Paris. On 5 and 6 October 2021, the French Minister for Solidarity and Health, Olivier Véran hosted a global mental health summit in the French capital, the 3rd edition already in a series of global mental health summits that aim to put mental hea...

So long, David – four reflections and a way forward

Last week, David Graeber passed away, way too early, unfortunately. In this short article, some ITM staff dwell on what David Graeber meant to them, and what the global health community could and perhaps should learn from him. Feel free to weigh in as well under the blog. “Yes, we must mourn David Graeber. Thinking about his work is proba...

The ITM symposium on 40 years PHC: is there a doctor in the house?

On 23 October, 150 international experts gathered at the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp for a symposium to take stock on progress on the way to ‘health for all’. Some elephants were spotted in the room. Might one of them be a doctor?   Prof Bart Criel, the initiator of the symposium, rightly pointed out that the Alma-Ata Dec...

#MeToo at the World Health Assembly: Discussing sexual abuse and exploitation in international cooperation

Last Saturday (26 May), the very last (side-)event of the World Health Assembly in Geneva was about one of the most embarrassing challenges in international health work: “#AidToo: Sexual exploitation in international cooperation”. #AidToo is a sub-section of the #MeToo movement which definitely needs no introduction, as the ripples it has ca...

The parallax view of the humanitarian world

Decent people are outraged about the behavior of aid workers in Haiti some seven years ago. Of course, this is triggered by a deeper sentiment – the unease we all have about the state of affairs in the world. In a western world beleaguered by identity crises, climate change, refugees and new values, a scandal in the humanitarian world helps to...