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By on February 8, 2019

Science – Rise in size of African families may be tied to less schooling

J Kaizer; Science;

Women deprived of an education in sub-Saharan Africa in the 1980s went on to have as many or more children than previous, more educated generations, halting a trend toward smaller families, a study published [today] suggests. The findings may help explain why Africa’s population has grown at an even more concerning rate than was once expected and, its authors say, emphasizes the need for investment in public education, especially for girls. The researchers “make a strong case that had progress in schooling been maintained through the 1980s and 1990s, fertility would have declined more rapidly in many countries,” says demographer John Casterline at Ohio State University in Columbus, who was not involved in the work. Still, he says, other factors may be at play….”

Devex – In Nigeria, Trump administration policies bite hard


At Adeoyo Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria, reproductive health supplies are kept in the special store located almost directly beneath the accident and emergency unit. The store serves hospitals and NGOs conducting family planning work across the southwest region of the country. But stock is rapidly depleting. A Devex visit found low supplies of family planning products provided by the United Nations Population Fund after the United States pulled funding from the agency just under two years’ ago….”

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