IHP news 504: Global Health Events

By on January 11, 2019

Some global health events & theme issues coming up relatively soon:

WHO 144th EB meeting (Geneva, (24 January-1 Feb))


preliminary agenda, documents, …

Ahead of the EB meeting, on 23 January, there’s also a civil society meeting, organized by G2H2. Info, see: G2H2.

Davos 2019 – themed ‘Globalization 4.0’   (22-25 January)


For the time being, “Globalization 4.0” seems to bring a lot of snow. #snowdump  (well, at least in Austria).

But the fans of Klaus Schwab might already want to read his  Davos Manifesto  (what’s in a name 😊) on the necessity of a new social contract and global architecture for Globalization 4.0

17 January – The EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health


Can we feed a future population of 10 billion people a healthy diet within planetary boundaries? To answer this question, EAT gathered 37 of the planet’s foremost experts who, for the first time ever, propose scientific targets for what constitutes a healthy diet from a sustainable food system….”

PMAC Bangkok – the political economy of NCDs: a whole of society approach (29 Jan-3 Feb)


You already find an overview of the accepted abstract (titles).

A draft of the PMAC 2019 Statement is also already online.

Decolonizing Global Health Conference 2019 – by the ‘Harvard Chan Student Committee for the Decolonization of Public Health’  (February 9)


A student conference that looks really interesting.

Lancet Women theme issue – to be released on February 8

For the collection so far, see Lancet.  On ‘Advancing women in science, medicine, and global health’.

Africa Health Agenda international conference (Kigali, Rwanda)  (5-7 March)


Theme: “2030 Now: Multi-sectoral Action to Achieve Universal Health Coverage in Africa.”


Finally, a webinar coming up next week:

Webinar 15 Jan – Using competition law to address high medicines prices


This event is part of the inaugural webinar series of the Knowledge Network for Innovation and Access to Medicines, a project of the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute of Geneva.”

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