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By on July 13, 2018

Coming up – AIDS 2018  (23-27 July, Amsterdam)

Stay tuned, in particular, for the IAEN pre-event “Sustainable AIDS Response Results in the Era of Shrinking Donor Funding.”  (20-21 July)


The International AIDS Economics Network (IAEN) provides a mechanism to debate and inform the vital economic and policy steps necessary to address HIV and AIDS globally. With over 7,000 members (IAEN is one of the largest AIDS-related group on LinkedIn), IAEN aims to assist AIDS and health economists to share results of cutting-edge research on the economics of HIV across the countries and inform HIV responses. The aim of this joint initiative from IAEN, UNAIDS, Avenir Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Bank, in collaboration with other partners is to focus on “Sustainable AIDS Response Results in the Era of Shrinking Donor Funding,” including a range of topics related to HIV programs and economics, the broader interface with Health Financing and development frameworks. The IAEN pre-conference is one of the only dedicated global events that convenes economists and health and AIDS response policy makers to focus on accelerating progress in countries towards sustainable financing of the HIV response. It provides a strategic platform where economists engage with a wide range of stakeholders on new economic evidence, encourages cross-country learning of novel research findings, and promotes optimal utilization of economic intelligence in shaping cost-effective responses to the global HIV and AIDS pandemic. Participants identify strategic emerging issues related to the economics of the HIV response and key policy issues that will require further research and novel approaches to ensure sustainable AIDS response results.”

In other upcoming news, on 24 July Sir Elton John and the Duke of Sussex will launch a new global coalition focused on treating HIV infections in men (in Amsterdam).

See also Reuters Health – Prince Harry, Elton John to launch coalition against HIV in men.

Coming up – Bridging Financing Gaps For Greater Health Equity and Impact: The 2018 Global Financing Facility Annual Report   (24 July)


This event will be live webstreamed.

“…The Global Financing Facility (GFF) in support of Every Woman Every Child is a new approach to sustainable global health financing that is supporting countries’ approaches to financing and investing in the health of their people. To understand the impact of this innovative program, the GFF is launching its 2018 annual report four months before its replenishment event in November. The Center for Global Development (CGD) and the GFF invite you to the co-hosted launch of the GFF annual report for 2018. Through presentations by key global health leaders and a moderated panel discussion, this event will discuss on-the-ground progress in countries receiving GFF support, share how these countries are transforming and financing their own health and development, and provide participants with an opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion.”

Coming up – BRICS summit (25-27 July, South Africa)

The ConversationHow to judge the success of the BRICS summit? Three questions will do the trick

Some analysis ahead of the BRICS summit.  Doesn’t look as if global health (incl governance) will be very important at the meeting, though.

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