IHP news 473: Access to medicines

By on June 8, 2018

IP-Watch – Experts In Geneva: Substandard, Falsified Medicines Not About IP


Falsified and substandard medical products continue to be a global concern, and how those products are characterised is important to avoid confusion, particularly with intellectual property rights infringement. A panel convened by Brazil, India and South Africa yesterday at the World Trade Organization looked at the implications of a new definition of such products at the neighbouring World Health Organization.”

The Conversation – The desperate global need for medical diagnostics

J von Oettingen et al; https://theconversation.com/the-desperate-global-need-for-medical-diagnostics-97531

“… The WHO EDL, published on May 16, 2018, is a first step towards addressing the “diagnostics desert” that health-care providers and patients alike still face in many resource-limited settings. … … WHO and its expert committee should be applauded for this essential accomplishment, including the effort to look beyond the traditional “Big Three” infections (TB, HIV and malaria). While the list still has an obvious focus on infectious diseases, the consideration of essential non-communicable diseases (NCD) diagnostics is timely, if not overdue…. …”

But the EDL can (and should) still be improved in many other ways, the authors argue.

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