IHP news 470: UHC

By on May 18, 2018

BMJ (Analysis) – Changing how we think about healthcare improvement


Complexity science offers ways to change our collective mindset about healthcare systems, enabling us to improve performance that is otherwise stagnant, argues Jeffrey Braithwaite.”

Part of a new quality improvement series in the BMJ (together with the Health Foundation).  (with focus on the NHS)

iDSi – The evolution of Health Technology Assessment in China




And a tweet from Rob Yates, who clearly likes this NEJM perspective from Dhillon et al (see a previous IHP newsletter) very much – The Blind Men and the Elephant — Aligning Efforts in Global Health.

#UHC the best way to align the 3 global health strands of health security, development and health rights @DrTedros

If it wasn’t physically impossible, I could already sense a future ‘3 sides of the same coin’ mantra : )

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