IHP news #502 (December 21, 2018)

Have a lovely end of the year!

By on December 21, 2018



Dear Colleagues,

As you can imagine, global health had a fairly quiet week ahead of Christmas and the end of the year 2018. For some reason, I also noticed less ‘Global Health Highlights of the year’ lists than usual, perhaps because the global health community deep down realizes these are very volatile (/scary) times with global health not exactly on top of many decision makers’ minds nowadays.

Nevertheless, on behalf of the IHP team, I wish you all a great end of the year! As the “happy flyers” & carnivores among us know (and let’s not forget decision makers most of all),  we pretty much have run out of all excuses. Just listen to Greta Thunberg if you haven’t done so yet.

May all of you take wise decisions in 2019, professionally and personally, finding a balance between structure and stability on the one hand, and the need for unpredictability, new opportunities and “freedom” on the other (while taking into account all relevant “stakeholders”) 😊. As for humanity as a whole, I hope we can find back some of the empathy implicit in the word ‘humanity’, in 2019. Even if we are, as my dystopian colleague would argue, all  “Humans of Late Capitalism” now.

IHP will be back on January 4. See you then!

(PS: we have two short editorials for you today: one on the PMNCH meeting in Delhi, from an accountability angle, the other with some short quotes & reflections from EVs, EV alumni & other young researchers on 2018 & 2019)

Enjoy your reading.

Kristof Decoster



(you find the pdf of the newsletter here: IHPn502 )

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