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Radhika Arora is an EV 2012 & ITM MPH alumnus.  

Delhi Dispatch

Posted in articles by on November 17, 2017

Loss of freedom of mobility makes me uncomfortable and claustrophobic. A few years ago, on my first day as a student in Europe, I took a walk at 0100hrs. Not because I had to be someplace. But because I could. Of course. No place, and no one is immune from … Read more »

The only place it can come from is you

Posted in articles by on June 17, 2016

As the full horror of the Orlando shootings unfolded, another story gained a slow and steady visibility in the media – the issue of blood donation. Not since Edward Cullen – the teenage heartthrob of the Twilight series – glided through the cafeteria doors of Forks High School, has the … Read more »

Crash, boom, bang: time for a road safety paradigm shift

Posted in articles by on June 6, 2016

 I wasn’t quite sure whether to celebrate or mourn the inclusion of road safety as a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), and more recently on the agenda of the recent 69th World Health Assembly in Geneva. I enjoy both driving and walking – though Delhi’s roads are getting increasingly hostile towards … Read more »