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Dina is a Psychology graduate from an Italian university in Rome, specialized in the "Montessori Educational Method" and Autism Certified by the "International board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards"( IBCCES). She has been working with children with Autism in Egypt for the past 4 years. Dina believes that tolerance, acceptance and respect of the world's diversity can only be developed through education, and that if given the opportunity, every child with or without learning difficulties can thrive. She is the founder of Nemos' World - Child Learning Studio.

Understanding Autism: The key to acceptance

Posted in articles by on August 10, 2018

“I’m standing in a place people call the playground. My eyes are hurting from the brightness of the sun…I keep my head down and twitch my eyes. The sounds around me are hard to distinguish from one another, I hear people’s voices; I hear children crying; I can hear and … Read more »