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EV 2014

Netflix & ill: perils and promise of TV’s mass customization

Posted in articles by on May 12, 2017

Ninety seconds. That’s the amount of time an algorithm has to convince you to start your next binge-watching session. Lights, camera, inaction. Given its increasing monopoly over entertainment, Netflix seems to have perfected its tantalizing algorithm, seducing millions of people to endlessly consume the rabbit hole of tailor-made TV. “There’s … Read more »

On marche!

Posted in articles by on January 25, 2017

November 9th 2016 marked the ballot drop heard round the world. For Americans living abroad, homesick took on a whole new meaning as a President who fought for justice, dignity and unity was replaced by a fear-mongering, divisive, truth-denying plutocrat. But on the heels of Brexit and other displays of … Read more »

Existing unapologetically: The role of self-worth in women’s empowerment

Posted in articles by on March 4, 2016

We’ve heard it for decades. Women’s empowerment and gender equity are key components in fighting poverty, realizing human rights, building stable societies, sustaining peace and promoting health. Arguably, both directly and indirectly, women’s empowerment is a contributing piece to all 17 sustainable development goals. And yet, this is an aspect … Read more »

Permanently Temporary: Mental Health and Refugee Status

Posted in articles by on December 11, 2015

You’ve arrived. Signs welcomed you and hundreds of others (for a while anyway). You have a temporary room. Temporary furniture. Temporary clothes. A temporary identity. Until your asylum decision is made. Then you move onto being semi-permanently temporary, sometimes living for decades as temporary citizens with stunted rights and privileges. … Read more »